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I have a friend who I considered my best friend. we had a party where everyone hand consumed alcohol. I had a bottle of Rum which was already in that house but i didn't finish and we had drank the whole night. By morning we were still drinking but later by 8 or 9 am everyone went to sleep. except me. I instead cleaned the house and made sure the house owners don't much to deal with the friend of the house wakes up along with wife and yell at me for not sleeping. I said I wasn't feeling sleepy and planned to go home and rest. they continue to barge at me while I sat silently waiting for a chance to speak. they said I was drunk but I sat quietly. another friend from the party started screaming me as well. when I couldn't take anymore k decided to leave so he smashed my jacket on me and pushed me out the door. I still remainrd silent. when I went home he wanted to speak to my mother which he did but basically put me down. I feel quite upset by this behavior and I know I will be condem

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