A QUITE FRIEND any one want to be my friend please
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A QUITE FRIEND In the stillness of solitude, where words seem to fail, A quiet friend emerges, in whispers of a tale. English may be shy, but the heart finds a way, To express its depths, in verse, it shall sway. Through the dance of metaphors and gentle rhymes, A shyari blossoms, weaving emotions over time. In the realm of language, it tiptoes with grace, Painting vivid pictures, creating its own space. Like a moonbeam's touch on a tranquil night, It unveils sentiments hidden, shining ever so bright. In subtle cadence, it captures the unsaid, A silent companion, through words finely spread. Where conversation falters, it finds its retreat, In the ink-stained pages, where feelings find their seat. With every line penned, it whispers a secret, Embracing silence, its elegance replete. So cherish the friend who speaks without sound, Whose verses in stillness, in richness, abound. For in the hush of moments, where voices reside,

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