lyn is my friend after hanging out w her i suddenly feel that i kinda dislike her bc she always vents at me, wants me to talk w her 24/7, she even didnt make time for me to eat lunch. But i have a another friend her name is olive i feel comfortable around olive she's kind and fun to play w. lyn got jealous and she told me 'why you keep playing w olive not me' and her friend valled Nes agreed w her. then after school olive says this to me 'tbh i dislike lyn' that day is a horrible. im scared that what if one day the teacher said to make a team project with 2 people in it, i dont know what to do should i choose lyn or olive, if i choose lyn olive will be mad and dont want to be friends w me. if i choose lyn, she will vent to nes then nes told me that lyn's sad... idk what to do 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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