My mind is heavy.I missed so many things which give me happiness in life in my clg life. I feel those things were actually missed because of me only and my mindset. But I blame my parents to just put them in control.Actually what I felt is my father should have atleast given a cycle or something to go spend some time outside.I used to stay at home only .because of this I became underconfident.That's why I get angry on my father everytime.He should have done that.What I feel is,he did it purposefully to put control on me.And he was getting so much good name because of me.that's why he didn't want me to go outside as he will get bad name because of me.I can sense that bro.But he always wanted me to succeed I only thought negatively about him.He used to ask what is my goal.But I was underconfident and don't know about society so I couldn't decide on what I should become.I want to be a confident human being.But I could not become what I wanted. p
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