I'm 19 yr old guy and I live at home with my mom. recently I've started wetting my bed again and now having daytime issues as well. my mom is super strict. well a few weeks ago she came to me and said she was aware of my bedwetting problem and said she was gonna have me start wearing diapers again and said it wasn't optional and that she can force me to wear diapers if she wants to because even though I'm 19 I still live in her house and therefore must follow her rules. it's been horrible because I got bad rashs and now she puts my diapers on so they don't leak and give me a rash. and last week she started diapering me day and night because she noticed I was like having a accident every couple days which I said shouldn't be a reason to put me back in diapers during the day as well. it's been getting a little bit better since I'm getting used to being diapered and seen in a diaper around the house househoby my mom. son her
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