abusive relationship with boyfriend, unable to focus on career
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What shouLd i do i don't understand.. I don't know to whom i should share.. I was a brilliant student till 11th.. I used to get 90+ always mostly 94% and then i had brkup with my best frnd and really i couldn't deal that.... I started being alone and then at that time i met a boy who is my bf or u can say was my bf till today... We had an excellent relationship for about 6 months and then slowly fight started... I had many issues and he was disturbed that time coz of his family issues and he used to scream on me becoz of that.. Eventually this went on till 2 years... He didn't value me till that date but i left me one day and within a few weeks he came crying confessed that he was wrong he shouldn't have said me all those shouldn't have abused me so much and all.. And i said okay but it will take time for me to forgive u.. M not a robot right... I swear i cried every week since last 2 years.. Kbhi kbhi whole night i cried... Par he corrected his mistake after that.. He got his college and i wasted my precious time when i was doing coaching of neet on him.. M so much frustrated now.. Now he is really changed he consoles me he helps me but i can't forget my past with him.. And becoz of that i fight with him now becoz of past.. M in guilt i wasted my coaching year... And now i am not with him.. Feb me i brokeup i thought i am better without him.. But i loved him.. Till now i think of him.. He cried a lot this time when i broke up par what should i do tell me.. I have my exam in july.. What should i do.. M really feeling bad..plzz suggest me.. M really depressed 😒😭😭😭

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