affected majorly by covid
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It's been about a year since Covid messedbup my life. My Fiance and I got an appartment then. First together and we were doing well, until Covid and her company deciding to let their best employee go cause she has health issues. Anyway, I had started my new job at Michael's Arts and Crafts... it doesn't pay the Bill's well. Though, I loved the people. Their corporate sucks hard. They don't pay us what we're worth. They always cut hours after peak season even though corporate makes bookoos of bucks. Anyway, we were happy, then she got let go, it took her a few weeks before really finding a great job. We lost the appartment that December to cur back on owing more in late rent thanks to Covid. Someone at her job exposed everyone instead of staying home. We got backed up far. Moved in with my sister and oh that went well... I'm joking, but found out how crazy she was. Blamed us for everything. I transferred to a crappy store where I was really short on hours. May... fiance had an antiepileptic shock reaction to an antibiotic the ER should have known not to give her being we told them she's allergic to penicillin and that was a harsh time being I had an interview which the job waited after our week to Texas cause her dad passed and then mine a week later, but they let me go a month ago cause I was sick one day... high expectations too. Now I'm back at the store I left before moving into my sister's. We're living with her folks and stuck thanks to all the Floridians who wanted 15 an hour and no one is paying it now. That and cost of living went up. So, we're stuck and my job's not cutting it being an hour away and even though ppl are hiring, they're expectations all went up and I can't get a decent job to save my life. I'm either not qualified or I chickened out cause my self esteem has dwindled drastically. I haven't had sex in month's, which it's not about me... I love my fiance, I do... but I haven't played a video game on my xbox with my friends in months and I miss them. I really do. Though, her parents are always home and the living sitch ain't good for it, plus I'm loud and her n her dad both hate it thanks to all her ex's. I haven't meditated since losing the apartment either. I feel stuck and the only way I know how to get out wouldn't stop my problems and could make them worse. I don't know what to do and I don't even know if I can be helped. Btw, I don't mean suicide either, cause that would stop my problems all together lol.

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