am I a jealous person who attention seeks?
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I started my first day to my new school on 27th June. I pretty much had really high expectations for it... I was mentally bullied in my previous school by one of my closest friend... the trauma is still with me.. so going to the new school was like a fresh start for me. I was really happy and excited to make new friends. Also, to get better in studies to score really good marks. but my new day in school was TOTALLY different from what I expected it to be. The people there don't even talk to each other ( or basically me). I had my other two friends with me. ( I am not close with one of them but really close with the other). ngl my friends were doing pretty well in the studies or were kind of okay with not making friends. however it was just me suffering. some approached my friends tho and not me.. no one literally talked to me... I am not that bright in studies either.. I am not pretty nor cool... I literally have social anxiety and I can't even make eye contact ( I will continue )

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