Am I that horrible person?
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Hi all, I really any of your opinions, as I'm struggling with my own self-worth and trying to move on. So back to 4 months ago, my ex broke up with my over text messages saying that he had had enough with me and he couldn't suffered with me anymore. But 3 days later, as I tried to returned all the things from him and his apartment keys, we did have a talk. He said he felt lonely when we spent time together cuz sometimes I moved to the couch and checked my phone or I felt asleep a lot. The things is I was really busy with my work, as I work multiple jobs. But I always try to find times to meet up with him or whenever he asked based on his schedule I most definitrly tried to moved all my plans so that we could spend sometimes together. But he never did the same for me, we had 6 years together. Whenever I asked him for breakfast together or sometimes at the weekends, he would say things like he needed his sleep, or he needed some times out with his friends.

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