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Sorry for my English, I'm not native. I'm a 26 year-old female. I live with my mom and my brother. Today I had a "fight" with my mom. What happened was: the three of us were talking and my brother laid on our bed (I share the bed with my mom). But he was dirty, full of our dog's fur. I complained and instantly my mom called my attention with a high pitched voice, not screaming, but almost. I then got sad and became silent. When I'm sad and angry, I tend not to talk much, I avoid it, and I can't hide it, wearing a serious expression. My brother had left already and my mom started lecturing me for being sad and angry at what happened. The problem is, my brother is the type that almost always get away with the things he does. He is not that much hygienic. So he needs someone to call some of his not so hygienic acts out. But my mom has given up on calling him out a long time ago because she says it doesn't help cause he doesn't listen.(+ continues)

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