Am i wrong ?
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i have been in a long relationship from past 2 and half years. From last 3 months we came to same place (not same house). I'm kinda romantic person and I'm expecting physical relationship with her. But she always avoids me and says everything is after marriage we should not do this until we get married. she won't allow me to touch her unless she feels like it. If i ask her for anything she rejects without hesitation . and because of this reason i always imagine myself with other partner , who always says ok whenever i ask them. I feel so heavy whenever my girlfriend rejects me, i tried to convince her many times. now i realised it wont work anymore. i have to adjust with her because i love her . But how should i control my sexual desires. how to get rid of this anxiety? it would become morally wrong if i search for another partner without knowing her . please suggest one good remedy and help me.

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