am really depressed and I need advice am always crying, I don't know if I should backup or continue
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there's this guy I met on Facebook we've been talking for over a year he keeps inviting me to his place which I keep postponeding, not until a day I was traveling and I got stucked on a serious traffic and that place was close to his place so I called him and told him where I was... he was very happy and he came and picked me up when I got to his place we talked laugh and gisted, when it was time for bed, he asked to sleep in his room that I shouldn't be scared nothing was going to happen so at night something happened we had sex and I was very angry bcs I didn't want to do it and I felt Soo cheap, so he told it's nothing it's natural, that I shouldn't feel bad... and this guy has being asking me out which I haven't accepted, so I stayed in his house for 2days due to lockdown in the city, the next day he took me home and we continue talking on phone, but as time goes on he started snubbing me still now I keep chatting him, and I think am seriously in love with him, am always crying

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