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i have never dated until school, when i was preparing for an exam online i met a guy it was covid time and we started talking he was really interesting to talk to eventually we developed interes in each other we were really close friends he lives in a different city , i joined college i met a guy there let's name my online friend A and my college friend B so B was a friend of friend and he was funny to be around B developed a crush on me but i felt that he was kind of a Playboy but the words he said didn't ever proved that he was but he always gave me such vibes now i did not tell A but i started having little crush on B while i knew A was expecting us to be in relationship i did liked him but i didn't felt sexually attracted to A now the things accelerated and i got close with B we were a thing but then we had a bad fight also i felt guilty for keeping A in the dark so i parted my ways with B now i miss him now i am a thing with A and he is the best bf ever but i miss B , suggestions

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