anger issues with mother
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I m 22 yr old ..colg student n I'm at home since last 7 months , from my 10th standard I m out of town for studies ..when I was a child I mean to my 10th standard my mom always let her frustration on everyone especially on my father ,.me n my grand maa. My father n mom both r govt teachers they dona lot for us .my mom handles scul n home both I k she did a lot for home , letting her frustration on everyone ok but taunting is a different thing ..when I was child I seriously never spoke a word to her .cause I was used to it I never feel loved from my mom side like yaa she loves me she's doing a lot me but without showing love always showing anger . I have 2 elder brothers they r in another city when I was in 5th standard even their frustration she let on me .that time I was used to it. But after so many years passed I was out .. I m not used to it now ..but the thing is same shes always gets angry at little things even I m afraid of doing anything because of her ..ya they both r doing alot for me paying my mbbs fees 13 lakh per year ..adjusting but I seriously mean it ..never thought to exploit it .. I have this in my mind that they r doing very much than I deserve but I can't live like this dad is so sensitive he just broke by little things happennhe seriously helps mom in every thing .. not everyone can do like my father respect n help my mom but she dc I think.. taunting on little single thing my grandmother is weak now my father did every thing from her food to bath he's the one who's doing n what my mother did is just taunt him om every thing my grandmother suffering from 1 year from 2or 3 mnth she's in my aunt home so my momis happy but now other things I mean I dk how my father is living on this burden ..n so many times he have thoughts of suicide my mom told me when she was angry in morning n taunting my father ao my father without having food he went to scul n when he came back again taunting dame thing that bs yhi aata h tumhe khana chodhna ..jb chahe jb khana chodh kr chale jaate ho ..marne jaate h har 2 mahine m esa or besa , idk why my dad is still alive like if I was in his place I seriously have committed suicide for sure ..n I m afraid if my father lost his patience one day n did something ..I will also die I can't live without him ..why my mom do this she just love n all to the other people so people thinks that oh she's so good in nature but inside we know I don't like her .I don't spoke any word to her because of fear not because of respect ..I have lost respect for her after one mnth I will go to my place but my father have to live like this forever n he's livin g like this since 36 years ..see there is no solution for this I just want to share it but I can't share with my brothers they ll get tensed therefore I m here . I know we will not be this if my mom is not here cause my father is so shy type person don't say anything he's just ao simple but instead of Caring what she's doing ..she care for him inside but outside u r just taunt n anger .kya matlab niklega ander kitni bi care bhari pdi ho bahar se to ...I just Star hatimgher for this

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