anger towards younger brother and communication gap within family
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I am 18 and i have a younger brother who is 5 years younger to me. My dad expired 5 tears ago due to jaundice and pelia. I have a responsibility of my brother although my mom's earning but as an elder brother, i have some. But he doesn't respects me, doesn't treats me like an elder brotger and this thing breaks me. He is rude and today he crossed the limits. In my family, from the starting the relationship b/w brothers has been really toxic and not loving. My mom's sick of both of us and idk what to do. He is in his puberty rn (14 years) and he is rude while speaking to others. I'm sick of it. I think maybe i should end my relationship with him, but i can't. I regret beating him today. Idk what to do Maybe leave everyone and live on my own? I do have anger issues. I can't tolerate it if its too much of rudeness.

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