Angry on myself... please read and suggest
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hi all, maybe most of you know that I have changed my company 5 months ago and joined new one for learning a new tool more openly on which I have worked little in previous one . till today I get to work in that tool and it was good to learn it but now company is changing teams for another tool on which their tasks are I don't know why I became a part of this change,..was it because I hesitated during team calls to ask for more challenging tasks ...this happens because of my nature and low self confidence that I can work on challenging things but cannot ask it due to low does that indicated I am not interested in that tool and other colleagues are saying that this new tool doesn't have much I am angry on myself as why I am not able to say it clearly that I will not work on new tool as it does not have scope.. also I am in my probation period so I don't have wisdom to take stand for myself and again due to low self esteem... what should I do

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