Anxiety and depression
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Going through anxiety, stress and shit which i dont know to name, since a very long time. I try hard to just keep going each day but feel so tired and hopeless all the time. Im doing nothing other than a job which i dont like.. unable to quit as i have no idea what i want or like if i do. Losing interest even in things i used to feel comfort in. Even having food and drinking water seems like a burden now. Having a hard time maintaining friendships or commitments. I wish i could make someone understand.. but i cant even explain properly to anyone. Tried telling my family, but they think im lazy and finding excuses. They dont even try to listen. Im just tired of crying daily at midnight or even till morning.. i have no idea why but i cant stop, cant help it. This is not how i want to be.. i wish i could change myself, but i just cant.. and that makes me feel so sick and helpless.

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