anxiety and panic attacks
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Everyday I suffer from a panic attack, your heart beats really fast, hands are all sweaty, it feels like you're unable to see eventhough you can see, you become so disconnected with your surroundings . I suffer from severe anxiety as well, I overthink alot, I feel like I become toxic in relationships at times and I become too demanding or start having trust issues. I get anxiety over everything , and then I start panicking..... I feel like I get too emotional and whenever I feel like sharing something with someone people say I'm being selfish or I talk about myself alot. It's just I only share what's in my heart as it eases my anxiety but lately I feel like I shouldn't be sharing anything with people and just listen to their issues. I literally have no one to share my struggles with. Maybe that's why I'm here for support . I feel like talking about my pain makes people think I do not think about them . I have told many people that I'm not okay mentally

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