Anxiety and panic attacks in social situation
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Hello there, I don't know how much it works but am gonna try writing... I have this weird anxiety when am around people it exceeds so much that I almost get panic attacks and it triggers by literally by anything I don't like...mostly my anxiety attacks starts in the morning during breakfast time and when attack'gets not undercontroll i end up breathlessness and vomitting....I feel damn embarassing and I don't like myself after such episodes I started hating myself....I go in depression and I don't feel like doing anything..I just keep on thinking why am I like this why I can't be normal?!! I have tried sharing this with my family friends too and I've even got medical checkup but nothing is significant... I think it's just about me I see people in different way and I get that so called inferior complex which leads to anxiety and I'm unable to control that... Due to these things I don't really mke new friends I think nobody will ever understand old friends really helps me to come out.. I usually prefer not to go outside.. but when I do with my old friends I don't get anxiety ever we'll be talking and laughing which just vanishes all my troubles. But now am in new place and trust me it's really hard for me to survive here am trying my best still I get daily episodes of anxiety attacks and my panic attacks are too frequent nowadays... I don't know what to do...I even tried sleep pill to reduce anxiety but it's not helping... Is it normal or am thinking way too much???

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