anxiety and suspiciousness about room mate
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Hi am 35/ m suffering from depression from last 5month. Before 4 month I was not in so severe depretion but last 2 month it's being am out of my state and doing my post graduation.where my college is there teachers r so worst.they cant understand student they target and torcher the other state student.i had 2 panic attack there.1 gastrointestinal and 1 is chest pain.Now a days from last 2 month am having some difficulty in talking also like streaming,palpitation,sweating. I have fear that they are spying on me .my room mate told me that I talk my self when am alone. I dont want to mix with any one.i like to be alone.some time I feel that I hear some voices like bike,car running some kannad words which meaning I dont know.some time I feel that some one want to hurt or kill me,Even my teacher was planning to hurt me .I cant understand what is going on. Am at pune ,my Psychiatrist is in lock down and said me will meet me after lock down. Am a medical student and doing post graduation in Pediatric at karnataka.My college is worst in karnataka. So please help me as soon as possible. Am going to change my doctor soon.But after lockdown. Some days before my forgetfulness also increased,i have anger but fear is too much then fear.i hear a lot bad things about my college. Even student suside there but dean dont listen them.on 15 march I ran away from my college without permission of my dean cause he want to stay at college up to managments decision but I was not comfortable and my anger was being out of control so I ran and my visit to my doctor was on 20- 22 march.but I forgot and after 22 there was lock down in plz help me.

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