anxiety, depression and cough syrup addiction, seeking advice to reduce it
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Hi Sir, My treatment of depression, anxiety & ODS is going on with Dr. Ashish Mittal since October 2019. And Dr. Sahab is really a very good person. And I am recovering from depression, anxiety,ODS & negative thoughts. Since lockdown started. I feel like I'm in prison & I can't go outside. I got a cough and cold & the General physician prescribed me the antibiotics & Ascoril C .so I started taking the medicine as prescribed by the general physician. In the first 2 weeks when ever I was taking the ascoril c I feels drowsy. I was not aware of that cough syrup that it contains Codeine which is really very dangerous for life. In the last 2 months I become addicted. I quitted this syrup for 2 days, I was feeling very weak, vibrations in my legs & stomach cramps & appetite problem , swetting,negative thoughts,depression & anxiety started again. I was taking 1 Ascril 120 ml a day.3 to 4 times a day. I told my Dr. Ashish Mittal about this during this lockdown period. And I was suggest to reduce it 10 ml a day. And I am reducing for the last 2 days as I consult my doctor over the phone. I am feeling weak. My Dr. Ashish Mittal is really the best psychiatrist. Very polite and listen my problems in a very good way. I started watching motivational videos on their channel. I am very depressed because of this lockdown I couldn't sleep. As I am taking all the medicines which I am taking continuously. Only my doctor is taking care of mine. I am praying to God to finish this lockdown asap so that I can go to my Dr. Confidence clinic for consultation. Only my Dr. Ashish Mittal is really helping me a lot. Daily I am thinking about this cough syrup only and I really hate this syrup & thinking how to quit it in one go. And only my Dr. is helping me in this situation. If any one can help me out to come out of this situation I would be really thankful. I am watching my Dr. motivational videos for building up my confidence level. In this critical condition of mine only my Dr. Ashish Mittal is with me. And really I haven't seen such a great him because he really cares about his patients. Please help me if anyone has any suggestions to come out of this condition.

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