Anxiety during exam
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Hello Mam, Today was my Jee mains exam, Paper was very easy, especially Chemistry part. I was really happy after seeing questions, bcz everything was from what I studied. But, Suddenly, after 45 minutes, I started feeling nervous, my hands and legs started trembling, felt lightheaded and started feeling dizzy. I lost balance thrice, even when I was sitting. I observed my heart beat was not normal. My stomach felt sudden empty, as if their was vacuum inside. Even though I had enough breakfast. It happened for nearly 25 minutes. And did not stop even after drinking water. At that time, I was not able to hold the pen, properly bcz my hands were trembling. I was unable to concentrate. And I was not aware of other things around me. I was really afraid. I even tried deep breathing for a while. But it didn't work. I became normal again after 25 -30 minutes. Mam please tell me what should I do in such situation. And was it a panic attack?

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