anxiety, loneliness and past trauma of parent's marital discord
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I have never felt so badly. There are so many problems in my life (my life is a problem too, haha). I feel anxious, upset and ... empty? At the same time? Is that even possible. I had been feeling such way for a long time, but yesterday, it was the last drop. My laptop just broke while I was preparing presentation for a teamwork. And now I feel myself like a weak spot in a team. I don't want to be a weak spot... And everything went wrong. Perhaps, from the beginning. My parents didn't love each other, they divorced when I was infant. My mother loves me, but I think she is a soft manipulator. I went to the university I didn't like, I am studying a subject that won't give me any good perspectives. I don't know anything, I hate my body, I hate my mind.... I am just exhausted from myself and my life...

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