anxious about disconnect contact with a crush because of another friend
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I am a 26 yr old woman. I liked a guy who was also my friend. I had confessed my feelings to the guy but he didn't reciprocate so I was ok with being just friends with him. In fact this had never affected our friendship. But one day I met another girl friend of mine and while in the conversation I had confessed that I liked this guy but we were friends. She didn't know him personally but later I came to know that she met him through their mutual friend and had said something about me after which the guy entirely stopped talking to me. This made me extremely anxious as I wasn't able to know what had happened. I used to have panic attacks because I regretted telling things to the girl. I was always anxious and restless because it seemed I lost him as a friend. But just a month back I started feeling better,suddenly the guy friend was a little cordial with me and everything was fine. Now I hear that that girl friend of mine has again come to my hometown and this thought is making me restless and anxious that she'll meet him and create a fuss again. Things were just getting better. It feels I've developed a phobia for the entire incident and I've started to feel restless and anxious again. I don't want to ruin things again. What should I do?

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