anxious about relationship
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Hi, I have been dating this wonderful man since almost a year now. But because of the pandemic and the lockdown, 9 months of the 1 year relationship is spent in a long distance relationship. It went smoothly. Almost smoothly because I keep containing all my anxiety within me. But I can't do it anymore. Am anxious all the time about our relationship and whenever I try communicating this with him, he kind of became an ass and remained silent. So I shut myself up even more when it came to expressing myself. I started feeling like I am burdening him with my feelings. I also have trust issues and separation issues which all spikes up my anxiety even more. Everytime he is out with his friends, I get anxious about not being remembered anymore. I need to work on myself, I know. I just don't know how. There's so much more that I can't express because I don't understand myself. Am constantly restless, suffocated. I need to change this. I keep doubting his feelings for me and getting upset for little things like him not replying to an I love you text. I need to work on myself so much. I need help. I want to be happy. I really like this guy. I am going to his place for Christmas, just for a few days so that I don't miss out on my work. It's too less of a time and I fear that things would get worse. Please help me breathe.

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