any one want to be my friend
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In the depths of a mother's love, words fall short, A bond so strong, it cannot be bought. Her touch, so gentle, a comforting embrace, In her warm embrace, I find solace and grace. She guides me through life's twists and turns, With a love that forever burns. Her sacrifices, countless and true, A love so pure, it shines through. In her eyes, I see unwavering devotion, A love that defies any notion. Her voice, a lullaby, soothing and sweet, In her presence, my heart finds complete. Through every triumph, she celebrates with pride, Through every failure, she stands by my side. Her love, like a beacon, guiding my way, I am forever grateful, every single day. A mother's love knows no bounds, In her embrace, all pain drowns. With each heartbeat, she nurtures my soul, In her love, I find myself whole.

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