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i want to share an instance which happened today in I am shy and introvert person, also faced bullying in school due to which I am not that much great in I am very thin by body and now working in a company from last 2 years, I gathered courage to do something for my health by joining for a person like me, even thinking of joining gym is scary as the thoughts of people judging me is always there but still I joined last month and it was going well..but today one senior person in gym asked me to try doing exercise with a little more weight but I was not able to do so they said (maybe in not that way which I am thinking or I don't know them so not judging him for his behaviour) please go from this area or gym.. nothing can be done with you if you can't lift 35kg... although I was getting too nervous internally but still I tried to laugh to let it go but thry again said why you laugh...means if they want to help or mote, thry can use words like

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