attachment issues
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I have attachment issues and my sister once said she thinks I have attachment problem because I keep finding connection in people, my father died 3 years ago so she thinks it's because of that, due to my attachment issue when my ex left me I just couldn't handle myself I cried all the time, but that was okay, but then I met someone else who made me feel good I used to hurt myself physically but when I met him, even though he didn't really do anything, I used to think that I atleast have him and the thoughts of hurting myself never came, but then he dumped me, I nearly begged him not to leave. he asked me why I was so attached it's only been 3 months, I was like I don't know, I either get attached too fast or I don't at all, I even get really attached within 1 week, so after my constant trying to get him back, he didn't, I started hurting myself again, this time worse than before. I even have anger issues, in order to control my anger I bite myself, what can I do to solve this problem?

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