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i really love someone, I'm strongly attracted to him, and he's already committed, he's just a good friend of mine! but i can't stop thinking about him, ice ruined my results and my routine, my personality i guess.. now i feel like I'm not growing from within, I'm not happy to the fullest, I've done each and every thing to get away, it's more than 6 months now, and he sometimes ignore me, i try to ignore him, to get his attention, but nothing works!! i want to be the old me again! be what I used to be, can anyone suggests anything to go with my situation!! also, i would like to remind, I've tried many many distractions, my own work, studies, holiday, talking to friends, ignoring him for severel days, talking to random guy to overcome him, it's like i don't want him to go away like that, and he doesn't know anything about it. he sometimes even call me sister in slang, i don't know what to do!!

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