So i wanna tell that, i really so disappointed about my boyfriend who is tricked me in the first place. He was claim all the photo that he send me was him, but actually it wasn't. I don't know who is that, even i search for the photos on internet i can't find anything. But i still dear him, but i can't no longer do the phone sex that he always mention it. In the middle of our relationship i've been started to feel uncomfortable, but he was said that because he was ugly so that i don't wanna do it anymore. Is he even don't care about how i feel? And u know i actually hot tricked twice, by my ex then i didn't go to any relationship again with any guys or man. But then i was with him and he do the same things too? Although he was already be known about it and still go with his trick? How am i to trust a person who will i dear?
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