Hey everyone, actually, my mom has been suffering from OCD for many years. We all know in our family that she is very conscious about cleanliness, but after sometimes it becomes excessive. There was a time when she would spend 3 hours a day taking a shower. I searched on the internet and realized that she is suffering from OCD. I took her to a government hospital where a doctor prescribed a bunch of medicines. Initially, the medicines had some effect, but over the years, they stopped working. Now, she spends 14-15 hours or even more taking a shower. I don't think anyone believes it, but it is a scary truth. I thought that changing our home or environment would have a positive impact, but still, nothing has changed. I would be truly blessed if I found a solution to help my mom. I'm completely frustrated and have no idea what to do. Even in my family, my dad doesn't understand what she is facing; he just taunts her about everything every day. Someone, please help me get my mom well. 🙏
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