I am feeling really upset and depressed . I am not okay .I have people around me , they care me and loves me , instead I am feeling alone . They all support me but I really need emotional support in my life....it's nearly two years that these things come to my life ....started feeling depressed and alone and have anxiety attacks ....but I don't have share this things to any one . I don't have any close person in my life , I have my parents , they love me a lot and care a lot ...but they don't understand me actually ...I want somebody with whom I share things without filter .... but it's okay ....I know very few people are lucky to have close friends....but I want to make my self my friend and strong enough to tackle things coming in my life . I accepted that problems are part of my life and it's not that I don't face it ...I learnt very well how to tackle things ...but at the end of day we are human ...I need comfort zone and a shoulder to cry if want ..... sometimes these feelings
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