bad date
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please help. I'm feeling guilty. I went to my first date today. i embarrassed myself real bad. I started blabbering shit. i was socially anxious and reckless. he became sensitive and started ignoring me. it was very very awkward. I am feeling really bad. its really humiliating for me. i know my personality is not the ideal type and I'm childish. but this time when I look at him , he gave me a look which is making me feel even more humiliated. i fucking bought him a gift but I didn't find the courage to give it to him. he doesn't like people like me. am I really that bad? i know I made some comments because I thought we were friends and i behaved in the same way with him. but why make me feel like shit for that one comment 😒. I sincerely apologized and left. am I really that bad to feel humiliated the entire time. i made a pact as to not be too friendly with anyone. I don't want to feel like shit again.

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