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been asked this question a lot of time.... "why tackle everything alone?" "why so egostical that you can't ask for help when you really need one" "why keep things inside you when u need someone to listen" ............. after being in a abusive relation with a girl for 5 years... where she said i used her for sex when all i did and wanted to do was love her.... didn't raise my voice for once in those 5 years ... treated her with every ounce of love and respect that a women deserves..... i broke down when i was termed as a sexual predator.... for the first time in my life i chose to share my feelings and sadness with my 3 friends .... who ve always asking those questions in mentioned above........ ........ well they say dat i ve changed a lot.... it becomes awkrd now and they are tired of me being in this state where i don't know how to be happy...... it's been months i haven't got a text or call from any of them.... wli guess i was right about handling things alone...

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