being cheated in relationship
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please read it please and help me i am in love with a girl and we are in relationship for 1 yr but the problem is that when our relation ship was started she was double dating me she always used to tell me that she loves me but deep she loved another guy i told her if so she can leave me but still she was liying to me 😔 and thats what happend the guy whom she was double dating had used her after that she camed to me and accept all this and i was thinking that from now she will do nothing like this but she again started same but now with another guy🥺 i was repeatedly asked her that if she likes another guy so she can still leave me i will never come in her life after that but she still says that no she wants me but i can't see her like this🥺🥺 i am now very depressed i can't understand what should i do please help me please

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