being insecure about being relation turning into long distance one, negative perception about self being a wrong partner
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I'm worried coz of various reasons 1. I'm not good to my boyfriend in certain ways n situations I'm pathetic girlfriend when it comes to listening, patience, n etc even normal value care understanding all that he gives me I don't reciprocate him back I'm a terrible person 2. Me n my boyfriend decided to go in the same city for college the city was my choice n he found a college he was highly interested in so I too filled the forms of that college n other 2 colleges in same city but my bf didn't got admission in that college but ve both got admission in some other college of that same city but now he's not interested in that college n ve got to know some fishy stuff about that college n I'm heartbroken coz he can probably go in any college now n idk if I can let go of my fav city or not or even are gonna get a good college in some other city together or will be happy there or not I'm worried

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