Being introvert causing problems in life.
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My parents were always dominant, i have been through serious relationship traumas in past and even today i am living a hard life both mentally and physically. All this has made me go very silent and numb. I am introvert young female. I never get angry, cannot fight or argue with anyone, cant express what I want, such things you get me. But i am good at my career and smarter than most of the females around me. So all this is just my personality now. Recently i started dating a guy who is full of energy, intelligent and very people person. But he thinks i am dumb because I never speak up. He is always taunting me and making irritating faces at me, ignore me in group of his friends. He is kind of on the verge breaking up, just because he dont find me smart and fast enough. Now all this is hurting my self esteem and affecting my little bacha kucha confidence. Do I need to improve myself? Not just love life but my personality is affecting my life in general. Can anyone help me improve?

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