being undervalued by partner, experiencing communication gap
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im in a relationship. i dont know whg i feel my bf is not intetested in me like before. he doesnt call me or give me that attention like he used to give. i also get to see he talk to many girls but i ask him he says he doesnt and he only loves me. he tells that he's sleepy next moment i see him online on social media. and for few days im noticing he's not interacting much with me on social media and unfriended me from facebook etc etc. he actually talks to me depending on his mood. he yells at me when ever he becomes angry and i dont feel good around people who shouts. and yesterday i blocked him from everywhere after getting ignored by him and he also didnt try to contact me. should i move on? but at the same time i tried but couldnt please help me out im so much confused. i think its better to keep him blocked from everywhere from my life too.

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