Best Friend & Close Friends.
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I wanted to know general opinion about something. @1-Does there exists the concept of best friendship amongst people of same sex? @2-How common is it? I found a friend from my batch with whom I feel very close. I don't know if I can ask if he is my bestfriend or not. @3-How much expectations should be there from him? Today my friend is going to a particular place when other's asked for but he denied to visit the same place two days ago with me. I feel I am not being valued.@4-I know he is having a girlfriend and I have no issues with it but should people have feelings for a bestfriend, or once someone has a life-partner they do not need any bestfriend apart from their life partner? @5-I get worried when my potential bestfriend says no about something, like he denied visiting a place with me 2 days ago but he is going there with other friends today. Should I ask him why he did that? @6-What is a bestfriend? How often do we talk and is interaction necessary every week amongst besties?

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