hi I overthink what will be my future is i thinking what i want for myself but i don't know is this normal? and I'm afraid that people around me will be disappointed because i make mistakes then I'm also feel pressure cause they always say to me what should i do and don't do it feels like i don't have a choice to choose what i want for myself because they are the only one who can decide for me? i don't have a voice to speak i just want to tell my opinion my problems that bothering me everyday when i'm alone i always cry and i can't breath my hands are shaking and I just got here in cali i don't have any friends yah also homesick i don't know how to communicate with other people is not that i can't speak just like I'm not good at english sorry if some of my grammar is wrong cause english is not my first language hope you understand but i'm still learning... please don't judge me:( 
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