I love the person I am currently dating they would do anything for me. they are super kind to me. I never felt as loved by anyone before. they are the type of person you know would love you unconditionally no matter what goes wrong with you. but I have been feeling asexual as of lately when I confessed that, they said they feel the need to do sexual activities normally, but sexual stuffs kind of makes me uncomfortable. I don't enjoy them i love my partner a lot and never ever want to lose them but we are not on the same magnitude when it comes to sexual stuffs. They broke into tears saying the very foundation of the relationship will be shattered they cried about how unfortunate they are about everything..and they said they could never ever move on. I feel as bad as them but I don't know what I can do. They want to end their life. I have tried to explain in every possible way that this isn't the end but they really thinks life is over for them.
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