BIG BIG Failure I am
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i am a very big failure in every aspect..being working in an IT MNC from last 2 years, still I am too anxious to communicate with people in person, joined gym to increase health weight but I think the level of enthusiasm gym people have due to which their body structure is like this , I am never gonna have so in end, I will be at same position so don't know why I am wasting money for this, I guess I should have been stick to the thin body and should bear the comments such as you look like kid even though 26 years old... another failure in terms of decision making... either to stay in Current organization which is giving 100% hike with life time job security as retention or should join new offer....I really don't know what I demand in retention as I literally don't want anything... I don't have goals or dreams to achieve.... today is last day to tell decision... I asked colleagues, literally everyone has their goals set so they have power to decide.. I am very big failure in every aspc

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