birthday trauma
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so, finally this month is started. this is my birthday month. and i can't tell you how much i wanted that this month to not to come. i don't want to enter in this month. for many people birthday is the day they are waiting for, for some people this day is a normal usual day. but for me this day is a trauma. i want to run away from this day. i don't want to meet anyone or talk anyone. but unfortunately we're a social animal even it's your birthday you still have to please people around you. i don't want to celebrate this or maybe wanted to celebrate this day according to me. but no you can't. people around you did so much effort for you... how can you be so rude. sala ek din jo mere hain wo bhi mera nahi hain. you have to answer calls, reply messages, celebrate give them a party. uss din party dene hain apko jo din aap chahte he nahi ho ki aaye. jb bhi birthday ka song sunti hu ya koi mere birthday ka zikar kr deta h itna darr jaati hoon. this day only reminds me that i'm a failure.

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