Bizarre sleep experience
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Can someone tell me what ths is ? It happens when I'm falling asleep..I can't explain it properly but I'll try my I'm falling asleep normally thinking about normal stuff and falling asleep but then suddenly I become aware that I'm falling asleep or maybe that I am asleep so I stay still and I try to continue to be asleep then It feel a certain pressure in my brain/head and also little bit on my body so I try to wake, I try to open my eyes but I can barely keep it open because of the pressure can't move my body( or sometimes I feel like maybe I did move my body).. (sometimes I even try call someone scream )this continues for a little while maybe few seconds/a min or so then I finally become awake and I finally open my eyes (feeling extremely sleepy), I can move my body now no problem as soon as I open my very little or no pressure is there , the pressure goes away but I feel extremely sleepy and I see that my body and head position is just the same as when I went to sleep it didn't look like I was trying to move or anything and was sleeping beside my sister and she said I was not screaming or struggling to move or anything and she didn't notice anything abnormal except that I woke up suddenly and it looked like I had a bad dream and when I wake I feel little anxious/scared and my heartbeat is little bit fast

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