body image issue
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Hey, I'm new to the app But I do want to share my feelings without being judged... I'm that one friend who is known as the happy and funny one but I can notice some changes in my behavior on my own... I feel stressed and I became from an total extrovert to a socially awkward person. I'm quiet nowadays barely seeing my friends because of the thought they will judge me based on my looks/weight/dress style.. I can say that I'm over weight and I lost interest in living life....idk what I am doing anymore. I just shape my opinions on the society I am other's therapist...but can't follow my own advice at times. I feel like a total loser and the most unloved person. I know the stuff I do ARE WRONG but I do them anyway because I can't resist. I Just want to take a small break from social media and the people who judge me but I am addicted... any help possible is appreciated ❤

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