boyfreinds issues.
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I've got this boyfriend of for almost three years, we broke up for 6 months then we came back to eachother because we would fit perfectly like puzzle pieces. he understands me so well. While we were broken up, I was free, my flirting game was so strong that it turned into a reflex habit. I met new people, made new freinds. i wouldn't say I changed, I grew. We patched up on new years, and as much as I was happy that he was back into my life, these days I feel like he doesn't put much effort into our relationship anymore because he's already got me right? we small talk on a daily basis. nothing interesting, no flirting, nothing. and honestly I'm bored and annoyed because it was more fun when I used to flirt with guys with noo strings attached. last night I told him that our conversations bore me and he said "I like sitting in your silence" I know that's cute but wtf am I supposed to do, stare at my screen for 2 hours?

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