break up
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recently, i broke up with my girlfriend. i was in a relationship with her for almost 5 years. she seems to move on so easily, but that is not the case with me. i was shocked to see this. it has created a sudden vaccum in my life. i don't know why did she breakup. i was busy in my examination and we didn't talk much for 3-4 months. i had promised her that this phase is temporary and after that we would spend time with each other. within those 4 months i realised that my love for her grew more. but that was not the case with her. i don't know why she did, she just said that she had lost feelings for me. it is so sudden and shocking that i have no idea what to do now. i have mixed feelings like anger, desperation, sorrow, frustration, and ofcourse heart broken. i need suggestions 😞. i even tried to tell her how important she was for me, but her reply was the same. in the end , i stopped asking adn let her go.

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