break up and family problems
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Also during this period my bf cheated on me relationship have never been in my favour i have had strings of bad ones Any ways so i don't pay much attention on the area where love is concern i have taken a break from relationship any ways i believe in marriage when i will find someone that compatible that i don't fear to share my life but for now my dad is important mostly im a strong person i don't let adverse situation take a troll on me i don't over think i try to take over view of the situation i m a optimistic person i was feeling guilty that she died becos of me but eventually after carefull thinking i came out of That misconception as i did my best i was getting zero sleep she had become very annoyed used to spit food on me just ex she was basically bed ridden i multiple times asked my dad to show her to physician she herself was nit a very nice person we had our concerns of her doings something silly as advised by my mom akka bua so we did our best we got her air mattress new bed used in hospitals so she feels zero pain while lifting up healed her bedsokes kept a physithrapist i fed her. Gave her massage did ebrythibg i could we took her to doc everything came fine there till the time she started shoeing symptoms we consulted physician but there was little delay as my fufaji was short of funds but still we did all her test and reason she died she never showed symptoms of them she vomited blood i took her with me to hospital she had lost lot of blood and her bp dropped she had cardiac attack. I though repeated the whole secenrio ibhave left few details her tried and trying yo come out of thisbincident and also trying to learn mistakes i was having scanty periods since 4 months and since past 2 years i was under stress public opinion and when people misunderstands which mostly people have and do me is something i cannot handle . and right now was facing alot of such situation i know ery one has different version of us etc but still when close ones fails to understand it disturbs me deeply i really don't want to loose my dad if its related to mental health i really wanna improve it if not and its due to thyroid it will be much relief

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