break up, anger issues and differences in family
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I dont have one prblm I broke up 1.5 yrs before ...y i dont knw....i just have a call and he said break up ...this thing shattered me...i not evn able to forget him today.. After that i dumped by mr bestie After so many frnds ... And recently i find a guy whose past is same is mine so i got attached but he also ditch .. And best part is y people ditch me idk I feel like full wprld is a DHoka ...kam pdega tb log aaenge thn lat maa4 ke bhar nikl denge I have spme anger issues too I love my family they love me too but many time o feel like m not inp fr them as my brother is ...i make their dreams my dreams...i sactifise my prsnl dreams for them ...but no one appreciate me fr that i feel so doind things which id dont want ....m not saying i dont like what m doing but thwre is diffr3nce between like and love...nd thwre are ao more...i cant xpln here .. So this basic

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