Broken and looking for hope
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I fell in love with this guy at the moment I saw him. waited 3 years to ask him out and I finally did. By then, he became my bestfriend. I confessed to him and it was a beautiful relationship at start. Eventually everything fell apart. He moved on saying "we can't be together coz I don't see a future" and that "we don't look good together". I wasn't at my best phase of my life when he left me. For me giving up was never a solution. I loved me more than anything on this world. Here I am after 8 months of my breakup, still crying and greving for him and that relationship. He moved on and I am still stuck where he left me. Every night I tell myself tomorrow will be better but its the same since. I have become an introvert. I don't feel like talking to people. And I actually don't have anyone who understands. I don't need someone to tell me to "move on". I just wanna know that its gonna be okay.

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